The Creation Museum Depicts Biblical Book of Genesis

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Since The Creation Museum first opened its doors in 2007, it has served to provide an alternative view of the history of man and the Earth. The ever so interesting Creation Museum is based in Petersburg, Kentucky which is in Boone County roughly 45 miles from Ark Encounter, whose founders share a similar belief in creation.

Creation Musem

The Creation Museum

The Creation Museum is operated by Answers in Genesis (AiG), which promotes a young Earth creationist explanation of the Universe. The message of the museum, is to promote a literal interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative, according to the Christian Bible.

The front of the Creation Museum

The front of the Creation Museum

In addition to the main collection, there is a 200-seat special effects theater, a 78-seat planetarium, an Allosaurus skeleton and an insect collection. This is spread out over the 75,000 square foot facility and inside, there are over 140 state of the art exhibits throughout the museum.

The site at the Creation Museum includes a restaurant and a medieval themed gift shop and outside the main building there are walking trails nearby a 5-acre lake.

There’s also a botanical garden,a petting zoo, camel rides and a zip line adventure tour, all of which is part of your Creation Museum experience.

In the planetarium, visitors are provided a presentation written by AiG’s staff astrophysicist, that presents creationist cosmologies, as alternatives to the Big Bang theory of the origins of the universe.

Creation Museum

Ken Ham, founder and executive director of Answers in Genesis

The theater is designed to allow visitors to experience a number of special effects, that include seats that vibrate and jets that spray the audience with mist. The film that tourists view, depicts two angelic beings who explain that God Loves Science.

The exhibits of the Creation Museum were designed by Patrick Marsh, who is credited with the King Kong and Jaws attractions at Universal Studios in Florida.

The academic Kurt Wise, was hired by the museum as a scientific consultant. He has made a major contribution, to the the design of the exhibits and the 52 accompanying professional quality videos.

An exhibit added in 2009 about natural selection, features models of finches. It is designed to contradict the conclusions made by Charles Darwin, who proposed his theory of evolution in 1859, by observing different varieties of this species.

Creation Museum

The naturalist Charles Darwin 1809 – 1882

Another exhibit placed in the lobby as of 2013, makes the suggestion that ancient stories of dragons and other such monsters, are actually based on human encounters with dinosaurs.

Travelers to the museum will also find an animatronic being depicted as a professor in a lab, that artfully explains that the complexity and variation of the earth’s insect population, provides evidence of the existence of God, rather than simple natural evolution.

Dinosaurs are to be found in several locations throughout the museum. Some of then are animatronic, others are sculpted by a taxidermist through use of fiberglass. In contradiction to the mainstream accepted view of history, a diorama near the lobby, displays two ancient children playing near a stream, with dinosaurs located nearby.

Creation Museum

“Ebenezer”, the Allosaurus skeleton represents AiG’s mission to “take the dinosaurs back from the evolutionists (Creation Museum)

As of 2014, the Creation Museum actually has a partial real dinosaur skeleton, recovered from a site in northern Colorado. It was purchased by a foundation and later donated to the museum. An anonymous expert, was hired in its reconstruction. This is the Allosaurus exhibit that was referenced above.

The Creation Museum founders also do not give credence, to the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs. On display is a model of a prehistoric Utahraptor. The exhibit puts forth the premise, that since the species was featherless, it cannot be a possible originator of birds.

Visitors to the Creation museum are directed through a sequential series of rooms. Argument constructs form a chain, where claims from previous exhibits, provide support for subsequent claims.

Creation Museum

A collection of butterflies and moths is an example of real specimens on display, as opposed to the animatronic “Dr. Crawley” character that accompanies the butterfly display.

The first room contains an exhibit of skeletal remains of a dinosaur. The argument is presented whether this occurred millions of years ago, or during the Great Flood about 4,300 years earlier.

The following room then continues forward, explaining natural phenomena using the two different starting points. These are the biblical accounts or instead what is considered mainstream science.

From there visitors will see a diorama of mannequins representing the Old Testament prophets David, Isaiah and Moses.

Further on, travelers will see the modern social results (according to the presenters) that were caused by the abandonment of the literal interpretation of the Bible.

Creation Museum

Exhibit showing Adam naming the animals

In another series of rooms, creation exhibits show the biblical Adam, naming animals in the Garden of Eden. Also shown, is how Eve was created according to Holy Scripture. It provides support for the belief in the traditional family concept.

In addition, Adam and Eve can be seen eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, resulting in the Fall of Man.

Creation Museum

Cain and Abel Exhibit

Further exhibits, show Cain killing Abel, and Methuselah warning of God’s coming judgment through destruction.

There is an attempt by the museum to correlate these original sins, to the more modern disasters like the atomic bomb and the Holocaust.

After that, there are more animatronic figures constructing Noah’s Ark. Here visitors are able to select frequently asked questions about the Ark. These are answered by the animatronic Noah, that remains remarkably human like, in features and expression.

Creation Museum

Interior of Noah’s ark Exhibit

There are other computer generated images (CGI) animations of the Great Flood, even one showing what it would look like from outer space.

The next room deals with the Post-Flood World, where human reasoning has led to mass confusion. One diorama deals with the Tower of Babel, the biblical explanation for the dispersal of people and the rapid divergence of languages.

Then, you can view a film where actors representing Mary, the mother of Jesus and a Roman soldier, describe their experiences, during the crucifixion of Jesus.

The next section of the Creation Museum, displays fossils, purported to have been the result of the Great Flood.

Be sure to also read the Noah’s Ark Rebuilt blog post, the Harmony Spiritual Festival, and the New Museum Contemporary Art Museum.


Creation Museum

2800 Bullittsburg Church Road

Petersburg, KY 41080

(888) 582-4253

Head on over to their website for more.   

The Creation Museum is located just 7 miles from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), right off Interstate 275. Hotels are readily available in the nearby cities of Cincinnati, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky.  

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