Women of Calypso: Songs about Contemporary Life in Trinidad

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Directed by Rhodessa Jones and Idris Ackamoor “Women of Calypso” will take place at the African American Art & Culture Complex’s Hall of Culture in San Francisco during Women’s Month in March 2011. “Women of Calypso” features three of the top female calypso singers in Trinidad, W.I., Singing Saundra, Shereen Caesar, and Kizzie Ruiz.

Through their songs they sing about contemporary life in Trinidad. All three have won hosts of awards and regularly place in the finals of Calypso competitions during Carnival and year round. Calypso is a music of the people, and although the more popularly known Calypso singers have been male such as The Mighty Sparrow, Shadow, and Lord Kitchener, “Women of Calypso” showcases the best of female Calypso singers from Trinidad who are now more than ever competing with and rivaling their male counterparts. All Homage to “Calypso Rose”.

Featuring: Singing Sandra, Kizzie Ruiz and Shereen Caesar, it is direct from Trinidad W.I.
Directed by: Rhodessa Jones & Idris Ackamoor
Musical Direction by: Idris Ackamoor and Damion Preston

Roger Guerra – Drums
Cliff Manswell – Bass
Damion Preston – Keyboards
Val Serrant – Steel drums and Percussions
Idris Ackamoor – Alto Saxophone

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