Oakland’s Pixar Exhibition

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Recently, my friend Drake and I got bumped off our Zeppelin trip from Sunnyvale to Long Beach California due to the fog. No matter, we went to Oakland and made a tour of some pretty fine places.  The second most interesting ‘thing’ I have ever seen is Artscape a 20 minute animation at the far end of the Pixar exhibition at the Oakland Museum.

The museum itself is overflowing with exhibits (make sure to open the random drawers in the cabinets throughout the place) on the history of California to contemporary art but the Pixar retrospective is beautiful, relevant, emotionally accessible and pure fun. The film is just behind Petra in my world. I have never seen film remotely comparable.

After this we strolled over to the Lake Chalet 9part of a 10 million dollar renovation of the lakeside) for lunch where we sat on a dock in Lake Merritt with the egrets and had a great lunch.

About half a mile further east is a new Catholic cathedral. It is so modern that Drake and I dug in deep trying to figure out how the Vatican could have sanctioned this 170 million dollar masterpiece.

Of course you and I helped pay for it because all those busy builders drove down our roads tax-free to build it so really if you add the taxes back it tops 300 million. You paid for it so go inside and put yer feet up. In the basement is a crazy graveyard looking very Valley-of-the-Kings like.

Oakland. There is a there there.

This piece was contributed by guest author Jamis MacNiven of Bucks of Woodside.

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