Five Degrees North


Accra is 5 degrees N of the equator.  One result is that days don’t vary much in length (they tend to be equal near the equator).  In December or in June, the days are about 12 hours.  The sun rises at about 6am and sets at about 6pm.

This means that there is not a lot one can do outdoors after work ends at 6pm.  No biking, or quick frisbee games or other fun activities.  Streets aren’t always lit, so even jogging after work becomes a dark pursuit.  At least in the warm spring days of northern america, we can take advantage of BBQ’s other sunny activities until 9pm.

But there is a benefit; only in extremely rare circumstances do I need to get up before the sun rises.  I don’t have to haul myself out of bed while it is still dark, get ready under the too-bright glare of lightbulbs, and then make my way into work just as the sun is rising.

If you are interested in looking up sunrise and sunset times around the world, look here

Rebecca Hunt
After 10 years as a techie in the United States, Rebecca Hunt joined the
Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa. She taught computer skills and
business skills in a medium sized city. After 2 years in Togo, she
moved to Accra, Ghana to work in a internet and mobile telephone
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