Epicuria & ZAP, A Celebration Of All Things Zinfandel


This year’s consistently popular Epicuria Food and Zinfandel wine pairing evening was held during the ZAP Experience, America’s ultimate celebration of Zinfandel January 23-25, 2014 in  San Francisco.  

ZAP’s Epicuria filled this year’s more intimate Golden Gate Club in the scenic Presidio with the festive aroma’s of both haute cuisine from the region’s best  restaurants and the best of La Vin Rouge : Zinfandel from its famous wine makers.

With Over 30 pairings, It was a battle of will and curiosity to taste as many of the great food creations and amazing Zinfandels too. With one hanging, smile-producing sniff, one  realizes the many tangents at play in the Zinfandel wine, such as Fruity vs Woody or Spicy vs. Nutty.

And you then began to really enjoy the magnificent interplay with such a wide  variety of foods.

Ys of course, the Meats, but also Tuna, Shrimp, Soups and yes creations only vegetarian too! I’m already a fan of the wine, but I found myself making note of the  wider range of appetizers and entree choices I could serve to guests at home, or curate at one of the wonderful restaurants in the city of San Francisco and throughout the wine  region shown here at Epicuria. And yes, I left with many new favorites and a Zinfandel wine shopping list too. 

With so much great food and wine to taste, make sure you plan to attend next year’s Epicuria. You won’t be disappointed.

ZAP’s Lodi Zinfandel Experience will be held March 29th and 30th 2104.

Steve Brehaut
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