Deepak Chopra & Rupert Spira Take on Dream States & Motionless Consciousness

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Deepak Chopra explores consciousness, human suffering and beyond in his on-stage talk at the SAND Conference this year.  As always, powerful. His solo talk  explores consciousness, awareness and happiness. When we think of the word happiness, do we think of the word seeking? Or does true happiness come from no seeking at all — it happens in the moment and when not labeled, it becomes pure joy.

Happiness is not at the end of seeking, its at the source of seeking. As the finite mind plunges, the consciousness mind shines.  Says Deepak, “the Human Universe is the only universe that is rooted in consciousness.” In other words, I am the universe. Science is consciousness. God is consciousness, we are consciousness. He asserts that the Quantum Universe has led to too many mathematical guessing games, all leading to the uncertain universe.”

Below, a video I took on-site, he also explores the “awakening of bacterial consciousness.” He refers to studies they’ve done that attribute a purposeful consciousness life to healing around many conditions including leaky gut syndrome.

Other leading consciousness guru Rupert Spira (below) says, “the fulfillment of the longing is never at the #destiny of attention, its at the source of attention.  Once we have clearly seen that, the happiness lives in the origin of desire.Relationship is a natural essence of love not as a bargain of love which is an impossible state.”  

Above, Rupert Spira who has a dialogue with Deepak (below for their dialogue via video coverage at the event).

The below interview between ‪‎Rupert Spira‬ and ‎Deepak Chopra‬ requires you to think upside down (or not at all). I shot this at the ‪SAND Conference last weekend (see my full coverage of the event here) which had these two ‪‎consciousness‬ gurus on stage in a fireside chat. Deepak talks about human ‪suffering‬ and identifying with the false self (aka the ‪ego‬) and Rupert compares a ‪Mac‬ screen saver to deep sleep (yes really). In other words, consciousness doesn’t go through any state; it’s motionless.  Enjoy being turned upside down!

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