5 Saddest & 5 Happiest Cities in America

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A recent report by Men’s Health resulted in a “sad city” ratings chart, all of which were based on calculated suicide rates (CDC) and unemployment rates (Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of June 2011). Then they tapped SimplyMap for the percentage of households that use antidepressants as well as the number of people who report feeling the blues all or most of the time.

I was shocked to see Louisville in there based on my recent visit there, where I ran into tons of happy people. I traveled to the apparently “wrong side of town” where people were poor and the architecture didn’t look so grand, and found even more happy people, so not so sure how accurate it is, but it likely holds some truth based on the criteria that they used above.

Here are the top 5 sad cities in America according to their report:

5. St. Petersburg, FL

4. Detroit, MI

3. Memphis, TN

2. Tampa, FL ‘

1 Louisville, KY

San Francisco was number 80 out of 100 and Sacramento pulled up with #13. They also came up with the top five HAPPY cities. Do you agree?

5. Boston, MA

4. Omaha, NE

3. Fargo, ND

2. Manchester, NH

1. Honolulu, HI

The original piece was posted over at SF Gate, so take a look.


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