29 Palms & Joshua Tree

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There’s something remarkably beautiful and yet eerie about the desert. For the first time, I discovered Joshua Tree, a national park cushioned inland between Los Angeles and San Diego. The same one that U2 sings about.

It’s desolate, quiet, the dry heat swallows you whole and its okay, and your creativity is enhanced when you listen to the desolation and stare at a cactus long enough. So many things.

While I didn’t take many shots, here’s a sample of the colors and the lack thereof. Perhaps you can also ‘see the heat.’ I learn that it was 112 degrees from a raspy 100.5 radio station, the one that claims to be the “Beat-the-Heat” station just outside of the town of 29 Palms.

Another discovery: the 29 Palms Inn, which was mentioned in a special cultural/arts article in the below April ’20-something’ issue of the New York Times. June, a Chicago professor of arts and theatre had the paper with her and like many others in her ‘world,’ traveled here to be inspired by an area where many from Hollywood and beyond now escape.



The back of the inn houses a few run-down trailers, which you can actually rent for $50 a night. They also have nicer ‘adobe-like’ huts for anywhere from $125-300 a night. Below is the front of Irene’s Room, The Dark Room and The Bottle Room.



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