10 American Cities Most in Need of a Stress Break

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This week, Mashable ran a piece on cities that never sleep and are in the most need of a recharge. It’s all based on digital data, showing that Las Vegas is the worst-off when it comes to needing a break overall. The overall runner-up is Miami, followed by Austin, Atlanta and Durham. I’m shocked by the line-up frankly since San Francisco and New York didn’t make the top ten and New York didn’t even break the top 20.

That said, it was noted that New Yorkers mentioned or searched for “stress” more than the residents of any other city. And while Los Angeles may have its fair share of stress because of the Hollywood acting scene, San Francisco and Silicon Valley work around the clock for those in the technology industry. Having lived in dozens of places/cities and countries combined, it feels like the most stressful place to live because people are constantly connected, and feeling the need to constantly stay connected. New York, LA and Las Vegas may not be oozing over with life/balance lifestyles, but they do know how to shut off and let their hair down. Interesting stats though – the break-down is below. 3 Texas cities? C’mon.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, diego_cervo


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