2030: The Year the last Petrol/Diesel Powered Commercial Cars Will Be Built


Just heard a lecture by Tony Seba of Stanford University and author of the book – Solar Trillions – and came out thoroughly convinced that the end of the gas powered vehicle is near.
Battery Storage: The cost of a battery bank to power an electric car today stands at $25,000. By 2030 that cost will be $3,600. A fully electric vehicle costs $5/month to charge in San Francisco. Imagine the cost savings in gasoline!!!

Solar Energy:The cost of solar panels and thus solar generation today is higher than that of all fossil fuels. But by 2020, following Moore’s law, the cost of solar energy generation will be at parity with the cheapest fossil fuel – coal.

President Obama Test Driving the VOLT

Emem Andrew
Emem Andrew is a Nigerian who believes that her beloved country will work and be a success, and that the children of the 70's will be the focal point in turning things around. Her mantra: "We have faith, vision and the energy to bring about change in our country and we will!"
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