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Drummer_player_widget Client eSnips announced today a series of new online music communities, widgets, playlists AND 5 GB of FREE storage for existing and new users.

eSnips new Music Widgets allow creators to share, and virally promote, distribute and sell their music anywhere. They are unveiling close to a dozen new user-generated online music communities, including Electronic, Hindi, Reggae, Metal, Gothic/Industrial, Hip-Hop/Rap, Elvis, Jazz, and Blues, as well as new Music Widgets, Players and Playlists that allow users to upload their own music, distribute and promote it on other sites.


This new announcement follows the fast-growing DJ and Karaoke MicroPortal community launches in the last few months. In addition, eSnips is extending its FREE storage for existing and new users from 1 GB to 5 GB.

The ability to share an extensive number of music files with rich music player and playlist functionality for genre-specific social sites means that musicians now get a one-stop solution to host and share their music, use a broad selection of music widgets to promote their music on other sites, and get constantly updated with peers’ latest and greatest music through a variety of categorized music portals.

For emerging musicians, the web is an ideal platform for providing mass access to their music. With the use of eSnips widgets, musicians can now virally spread their music to sites and blogs other than their own, increasing the effectiveness of their distribution tenfold.

Because music files are actually stored on eSnips, widgets can be created with only a few clicks from a variety of cool, genre-specific player and playlist styles without leaving the site. The eSnips playlist feature works inside users’ folders, so anyone can easily click “Listen” at the top of the folder to play all or one of the files displayed on that page.

eSnips’ new digital music widgets are not just cute links to content on eSnips, but actual players that allow people to listen to unique music creations from other sites. For example, the eSnips music widgets are being heavily adopted by DJs and musicians to promote their music on blogs, MySpace and other major social sharing sites.


The eSnips playlist feature allows creators and visitors to create a playlist by simply adding songs to the list as they browse the site. Once created, they can either listen to it on the site, or create a playlist widget that they can play from any site or blog. Playlists are used not only to enjoy a customized listening experience but also as a mean of transporting and playing customized music experience from other sites on the Web.

Another new feature that promotes music is eSnips customizable, animated email messages. Users can search for compelling music and send entire sets of songs and files they collect with one simple click. Not only do the new music widgets and playlists work together, but with email integrated as well, users can send their favorite songs to friends without the bandwidth issues of large email attachments.

Using widgets, YouTube and flickr enabled anyone to play video and share hosted photos on their sites and individual blogs – eSnips extends this capability to music and more. Check this one out (there are various skins you can choose from). Hit play, sit back and relax.

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