What to Do & See in Jordan’s Amman

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I first visited Amman to fulfill a promise. A dear college classmate of mine was Jordanian, and I promised her I’d come and stay with her family on the day we graduated.

When I think of the city, even to this day so many years later, my memories are as much about its tourist attractions as restaurants as it is about the fig tree in her yard, and the aroma of so-called “white coffee” being served in the parlor of her beautiful home.

Where to Stay in Amman

Before I start exploring the question of how many days in Amman you should spend, we need to discuss the topic of where in Amman to stay. The good news is that the part of the city center relevant to tourists is relatively small. This is especially fortunate because Amman is an extremely hot city, and has very meager public transportation infrastructure.

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