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990288_solar_panel_in_the_field_4There are so many little (and large) ways that you can live a “greener” life. If you search the net you’ll come up with all kinds of actions you can take to be more eco-friendly, here I’ve listed a few more for you to consider:

1. Don’t Buy Plastics Bags: We have recyclable plastic bags and material shopping bags at every grocery store yet people still buy new ones! It is a waste – just by remembering to take a shopping bag with you when you go out is a green action. Buy reusing the bags you already have you’re saving energy on making new ones.

2. Don’t Buy Bottled Water: Instead, buy a plastic bottle, a Brita jug and some filters and clean your tap water at home. By reusing your plastic bottle instead of buying new ones every time you want still water you’re reducing the use of fuel and plastic.

3. Get Email Rather Than Mail: Most subscriptions (other than Magazines) offer the option of emailing rather than physical mailing. This will save tons of trash going to the landfills (think about all the cellophane windows on the envelopes that CAN’T be recycled).

4. Buy Rechargeable Batteries: You’ll use electricity to charge them but they’ll last you a long time saving energy in the manufacturing process of making normal batteries. You’ll be saving the planet one battery at a time AND saving yourself some money. Alkaline Manganese batteries are also a green option as they are free of toxic heavy metals.

5. Investigate Solar: There are a number of interesting and nifty products fresh on the eco-friendly market using solar power. You never know what you might find useful in your own green life.

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