Snapshots of Bebek, Istanbul


Bosphorus waterfront. Weathered old fishermen. Seaside cafes. The imposing Rumeli Fortress. Sun setting over the edge of Istanbul. What more could you ask of an evening?

Minnows loving their new home in a  Erikli water bottle.
Offering to share their trash can fire.
Three little boats, all in a row.
Perched on an old yogurt bucket.
“Leaf in Love” is the name of this beauty.
Susannah Woodbury
Susannah Woodbury is an ayruveda-loving expatriate yogic English tutor conquering the world one wipe-off activity book at a time. She writes collections on The English Tutor, which are experiences from a young vagabond living and working in Turkey. She explores what it means to live far outside of your comfort zone--and have the courage to walk into a new yoga studio halfway around the world.
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