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I am a devoted sushi lover. Aberdeen, Scotland, spoiled me for choice in excellent sushi for the four years that I lived there, and now that I live in Stockholm, my search for high-quality sushi has begun anew.

As you wander the streets of Stockholm, you’ll find no shortage of sushi joints. Some are better than others, but nearly every menu has the same limited range and many have a distinctly fast-food feel to them. For a while I despaired of finding any restaurant that could rival Aberdeen’s Yorokobi by CJ.

One bus ride changed it all. As I sat on the number 3 bus heading south, staring out the window, my eye caught the fluttering of a storefront sign, which read, Sushi Bar Restaurang Roppongi. Immediately upon my return home I hopped on to Google and, impressed by both the images and menu on their website, raced to the phone to make a reservation. I had an anniversary to celebrate, and it seemed like the perfect excuse to test Sushi Restaurang Roppongi.

From the street, Roppongi is fairly unassuming, particularly in the middle of winter, which was when I visited for the first time. Large windows, however, belied the cozy atmosphere within. It’s a flexible little place: with its dimmed lights and elegant design, it provided the perfect setting for a nice dinner out; brightly lit and filled with sunshine, it’s a perfect spot for an upscale lunch. Roppongi has three locations throughout the city of Stockholm, specializing in different aspects of Japanese cuisine. Their main restaurant at Hantverkargatan 76, which I had chosen, is the one to choose for sushi.  Selections in the menu are described in both Swedish and English.

The menu may not have boasted the sheer quantity which I have seen offered by some restaurants, but the variety I saw certainly made it difficult to choose what I would have. I recommend going with a friend, or a group of friends, with everyone getting something different so as to maximize the sharing possibilities. As with most high-quality sushi restaurants, your meal will not come cheaply, but the delicious quality of the food combined with the intimate locale and friendly service certainly makes it worth the price.

Credit: Tommy Sollén via Flickr
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