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From Copenhagen to Stevns, Denmark. Great architecture, post-industrial landscapes, some undisturbed Urbex, some wide open spaces, great roads, unspoilt nature, fishing harbours, some nice food, and the Cold War fortifications at Stevns Klint. The ride started at Amager Strandpark, just south of Copenhagen city, then moved through the towns of Ørestad, Køge, Strøby Egede, Store Heddinge, past Højerup Gammel Kirke and Stevnsfortet, then on to Rødvig and Faxe Ladeplads. A great afternoon into evening ride.

Dave OByrne
A traveling Motorbike Journalist, Dave has a passion for the Great Outdoors, motorbike camping, finding new trails, as well as discovering the Great Indoors, in the form of Urban Exploration or URBEX.

This has led to many exciting experiences, cultural exchanges and interesting situations over the years, as Europe is littered with post-war, post-industrial, desolate, abandoned structures and cultural sites, usually far off the beaten track. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Dave has spent the last 15 years in Denmark, which he uses as a base from which to explore the rest of Europe by motorbike, both onroad and offroad.

One of the founding partners of Motorbike Europe, with nearly 20 years experience in graphic production, over 12 years in webdesign and development, including 3 years in the design of floating structures and villages, Dave currently runs the website aka, where he covers the areas of Webdesigner, Road Writer, Photographer, Content Manager, Social Media Manager, manic networker, motorblogger, and handles any other interesting digital possibilities that might crop up.
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