Exotik Traveler Customizes Luxury Trips For You

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Introducing Exotik Traveler, a company that specializes in customized luxury trips to some of the world’s most inspiring and compelling destinations. Exotik Traveler offers “tailor-made” trips based on your interests and preferences, in order to built a unique luxury experiences.

They work with experts around the globe to create personalized romantic getaways, weekend trips, summer vacations, honeymoons, relaxing trips, family travel escapes and more. Below is a Q&A I conducted with founder Carmen Caballero, who is based in Madrid and is passionate about what she does.

Above, the spa at the Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech

Do you specialize in certain countries or have more experience with some regions over others? If so, which ones and why did you choose those markets for the luxury market?

I customize and book trips to most countries and my focus is on creating a unique and luxury experiences for my clients. Over the past year or so, the hottest destinations for us were the Maldives and Thailand which make great options for honeymoons and transoceanic luxury trips.

The Maldives’ idyllic resorts and the over water bungalow experience make it an alluring destination for those wanting pure luxury and Australia is a popular booking for us for people who love nature. The varied landscapes, unique wildlife, and their stunning off-the-coast islands make it attractive for couples and families alike. For nature lovers, the Galapagos Islands is also a great choice.

Kicker Rock in the Galapagos Islands

While Thailand is known for its budget options, the country has a lot to offer the upscale traveler.  Unique experiences include the Eastern and Orient Express luxury train, the Mandarin Oriental or Shangri-La in Bangkok, visiting Phrao near Chiang Mai, night safaris to Khao Yai National Park, having a private dinner with a Lanna family and discovering north Thailand’s ancient culture. For shorter trips or weekend escapes, we have found that New York City and Miami for Americans and for Europeans, Italy and Morocco are fun options.

Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech

What are a couple of fun itineraries you can create for people?

Africa is a unique experience for nature lovers. Imagine flying over the plains in a hot air balloon, glamping in the bush, sleeping in colonial lodges in the middle of the Savannah, and experiencing the magic of a bonfire after a day out on safari. You can also breathe in the mist among the mountain gorillas or live with a tribe such as the Samburu.

Tahiti offers great luxury hotels, incredible beaches and amazing sea life with crystal clear waters. You can also experience the magical Les Trois Cascades, the Arahoho Blowhole and the Huahine with its profound crystal clear lagoon that surrounds two islands. With its leafy green forests and picturesque villages, French Polynesia has a lot to offer.

A great upscale family escape includes taking in the castles of Tuscany and Piemonte, wine tasting and luxury dining. Imagine going from one Tuscan village to another in a convertible? Pure magic. And, whiskey lovers will appreciate the private tours that Scotland has to offer, all among some of the most picturesque drives one can take in northern Europe.

Aerial photo on flight from Miami to Providenciales

What makes a property a luxury one in your opinion outside of their 4 or 5 star rating?

For me, authenticity is key to an outstanding hotel experience. I tend to look for hotels that will meet my clients expectations, which includes space. I don’t want my clients to feel crowded so privacy is also important, which is why I often book private and intimate hotels.

Also, a 5 star service is very important. The staff should make guests feel at home when they are away from home and anticipate their needs in advance, which includes paying attention to detail.

Above, Taittinger champagne at Hotel COMO in Parrot Cay

What makes a luxury experience for your clients?

When my clients feel that their needs are fully satisfied and they leave feeling that they’ve had a truly authentic experience related to the place and the culture they select. The most important factor for me is that they feel in peace, enjoy their trips and return feeling invigorated and at peace.

My blog exotiktraveler.com is to showcase luxury, from hotels and experiences to unique tips for traveling. Through my Instagram page @exotiktraveler, people can experience my own luxury travel experiences on the road.

Above, Sullivan Bay in the Galapagos Islands

I personally love infinity pools. Can you share a few photos you’ve taken of luxury infinity pools for our readers?

Above two shots are taken of the COMO Hotel Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos

Dorado Beach Reserve Villa in Puerto Rico offers direct access to the beach. 



Note: this is a partnership post which falls under partners/sponsors. I came up with the questions to ask them based on my own authentic interest and feel that their services are relevant for our audience/readers of We Blog the World.

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