Barcelona’s ArqueoTicket for Archeological Institutions


To all of you historic-treasure hunters out there, never despair, no matter your Barcelona budget, you can afford to stop off at all of Barelona’s archeological institutions. At 14 euros, the Arqueoticket offers an overall savings of 7.50 euros as compared to separate entry to the five museums.

At the Musu d’Arquologia de Catalunya, ogle pre-historic necklaces and Greek and Roman earrings. Learn about the ancient art of tattooing in the Museu Barbeir-Mueller d’Art Precolombi de Barcelona or embrace your love of all things Eyptian at the Museu Egipci de Barcelona.

At the Museu d’Historia de la Ciutat de Barcelona, learn about the history of the city and the industries that made it flourish (wine, textiles, etc). Boating and sailing aficionados (as opposed to land-lubbers) will enjoy the exhibits at the Meseu Maritim de Barcelona.

That said, all five museums will take a while to see, so if you’re in Barcelona for a long weekend or less, you might reconsider and spring for tickets to one or two of the museums that you’re the most interested in. Of course if you live here, or are back and forth fairly often, the ticket is a great investment, as it lasts an entire year—plenty of time to do the rounds at Barcelona’s archaeological museums.

5 museums for 14 euros = pretty good, really.

Chris Ciolli
Chris Ciolli is a Barcelona-based writer, translator and artist with Midwestern roots. She shares her escapades as a Missourian in the world at, and writes about Barcelona from a guiri-gone-native perspective at A closet foodie and self-proclaimed art addict, Chris typically blogs about the drinks, eats and other cultural attractions she encounters on her travels. In her spare moments, she reads obsessively, slurps excessive quantities of coffee and tea, and plays with art supplies and kitchen tools. Oh, and travels as much as humanly possible.
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