A French Sort of Melancholy

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Today, I walked around the land of the chateau, as I’ve done everyday since we arrived, but today I decided to look, to feel, to smell and oh how things change. Things changed when I shifted my focus to the external beauty surrounding me to just feel as I walked to see what I saw, and smell what I smelled.

Since I haven’t gotten a photo of the peacocks yet, I decided to try this morning. I walked right up to the first one and he immediately spread his beautiful feathers for me and turned around in several circles. I found it to be quite funny as I was thinking it wouldn’t happen so effortlessly…

My walk continued around the land near the beautiful buildings, the garden and down the trail to the wooded area smelling of Je ne sais quoi, but smelling lovely none-the-less… The sunflowers were not sunning themselves this morning, as the sun has not shone, and I finished the walk as I rounded back to the chateau.

I am feeling melancholy for the moment, but I know that will change soon. I am off to a meeting for the costumes and props for the movie we are shooting…First full dress rehearsal for scene 1 this afternoon..

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