A Butcher, A Baker

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Unclear if Sweeney Todd was also candlestick maker.On Friday my parents and I went into Reading to do some last minute Christmas shopping and explore (weather permitting.)We wandered around the mall, where I perused Zara–and miraculously only bought a bottle of perfume–acquired a disposable phone, and found the most amazing children’s book I’ve seen in ages. We also wandered around Marks & Spencers where we purchased some Penny Pigs, Rosy Noses and Percy & Friends to try (side note: so sorry to those I said I would buy some for, I didn’t get to go back…went to Switzerland instead!)

We then went to my dad’s favorite pie shop, Sweeney & Todd, for another Cornish pasty. I’m somewhat of a purist so when I saw pie options like:

1. Steak and Oyster

2. Steak and Kidney

3. Venison and Boar

4. Chicken with Leek

5. Five nations (wha?!)

6. Vicars (double wha?!)

7. Pork and Apple

I was a bit overwhelmed. I played it safe and asked what the most popular pies were and settled on the rump steak and stilton. I’ll be honest, the stilton was too much for me so I switched with my mom for the chicken and broccoli.

love the British side salad…

However, there were others like:

1. Lamb and Mint

2. Chicken and Sweetcorn

3. Chicken, Honey and Mustard

4. Cheese and Vegetable

5. Chicken Cajun

that in hindsight I really wish I could try. Ah well; next time, right?

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