Musicshake: The No Brainer Music Project

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Musicshake Another favorite of mine from this year’s TechCrunch40 stage was Musicshake, a Korean company focused on making music mixing easy for anyone, even non-musicians who can’t read music or play a note.

The two Korean founders had quite the presence on stage, as one danced his way onto the stage while another drove a laptop, while jamming to the mixed tune. The mixed tune, we soon learn, was created by a nine year old.


Musicshake is the ‘no brainer music project,’ they tout. Mom can make her own ring tones and a child can whip up a ear-pleasing result without knowing a thing about music.

You can choose strings with a guitar or other instrument, then decide on a pattern and then select what you want to overlap with what pattern. Users can record their own voice if they wish.

Other notables: Musicshake owns 100% of their IP. They already have 170K of music patterns in their system and expect to have one million by the end of 2008.


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