Bali Beaches: Time is Like a Vortex on the Road…

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Sometimes, when traveling, time is like a vortex. I get lost in each moment and forget all the rest. It’s a peaceful place to be. In the zone, focused on the present. I woke up this morning to the sounds of the ocean, the waves making sweet music.

I’m on a tiny island called Gili Air, off the coast of Bali. There are no motorized vehicles here, only horse drawn carriages and push bikes. The water is an aqua blue and today I plan on snorkeling with turtles.. I can’t wait! He he he…. I left Bali a few days ago to do a little traveling. I was feeling a bit stuck in Ubud, a magical place, hard to leave. Since arriving on these small islands, I’ve been sucked into the calm steady way of island life. Slow moving, shanti shanti shanti.
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