5 Things Not To Miss in Malaysia, The Country of Culture & Color

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I write this post amid the disconsolate news of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 with numerous speculations floating in the region; however, I still hope and pray that every passenger on board returns out safe. Such incidents often make us uncomfortable but it cannot take away the curiosity and enthusiasm of a traveler and I write this post upon getting infected with the same curiosity and enthusiasm.

Malaysia, often termed as Asian paradise, truly justifies the title endowed upon it by the travellers. A country bubbling with mixture and fusion of various religious cultures and geographical terrains offers something to every league of traveller. The country is thronged with tourist round the year and every month the country celebrates one or two international festival.

But for people like who often prefers offbeat and adventure travel, the country has an unending list to offer. Here are the five “not to miss” things from my itinerary for Malaysia:

Gunung Mulu National Park 

I am pretty confident that most of us must have seen pictures of sharp spikes of rocks that ascend hundreds of feet of above ground amid the thick dense forest–one can see them in reality here.


Gunung Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site also encompasses some astonishing caves around the world. For people like who have never been on such caves exploration, this National Park is perfect place to kick off. One of the prominent is the Deer Cave which has the largest cave passage in the world and big enough to accommodate 40 Boeing 747 planes side by side. The journey to the caves and pinnacles through the thick rain forest and local villages works as a catalyst to enrich your thrill and joy factor.


Majority of the wanderers often skip Taiping from their travelling itineraries which make it one of the best offbeat destinations of Malaysia.Malaysia’s first and the oldest museum Perak State Museum is the best place in the town to kick off highlighting the colonial history of the country. The other unique feature of the town is it zoo which is among the three zoos in the word offering night safari, an experience no one can afford to miss.

In addition to the above, the town offers a wide range of options to the travellers such lake gardens, jungle trekking trails, hill resort, waterfalls, flora and fauna to satisfy their travel senses.


A Climb to Mount Kinabalu

For an adventure junkie like me who loves trekking, a climb to the Malaysia’s highest peak Mount Kinabalu is a must to do. It’s an elegant naked mountain range contrary to the snow-capped hills of India, thus offering altogether a different adventuring experience.

Although, the 23 km trek throws out some moderately tough trekking conditions but what welcomes at the end is worth taking all the pains. The trek is the test of both your physical and mental endurance. The trek will test your lungs on the steep, slippery and uneven rugged path but every step you take closer to your destination will bring cheers to your face in the end.


A city dweller like me who seldom gets a chance to see a sunset or sunrise among hustle bustle of urban life, a serene and spectacular view of the orange fire ball rising from behind the mountains could be lifetime achievement.

Perhentian Islands


Once you have exhausted yourselves in the mountain and caves of Malaysia, the pristine beaches of Perhentian Islands is perfect getaway to relax and rejuvenate yourselves with beach side cafes, delicious meals and beer pints.If you are seeking some underwater company, you can find many in the form of green turtles, sharks (yes you heard it right), beautiful multi coloured species of fish and there is no end to it. You have to just put your snorkelling masks on.

Malaysian Home Cooking Classes

The last thing I want to do in Malaysia is to take some lessons in the authentic  traditional home cooking lessons in Malaysian cuisine. A best way to experience a country and its people is through their cuisine. The Malaysian cuisine is a potpourri of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Nyona cuisine.It is would be a great experience to learn the Malaysian cuisine from locals at their home, even though my preferences are strictly vegetarian. 

Kaushal Mathpal
Kaushal Mathpal is an Advocate practicing in Delhi Courts in India but also has a flair for travelling. When he's not in a courtroom, he enjoys exploring various parts of India and the surrounding region. He also writes on his blog http://rediscoveryourdreams.wordpress.com/ and you can follow him on Twitter @KaushalMathpal.
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  1. Ming Lim March 23, 2014 at 8:07 pm #

    Love this! Thanks for sharing your offbeat travel destinations of Malaysia. Our beaches and parks are some of the best in the region, since tourist traffic isn’t as heavy as say Bali or Phuket.

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