Kuala Lumpur: Gateway to Malaysia

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Petronas Towers by Supercilliousness on Flickr

As one of the major tourist attractions in Asia, the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia has a lot to offer. This large, vibrant city is home to over 7 million and it is a virtual kaleidoscope of impressive architecture, incredible cuisines, vibrant cultures, and an enchanting past.

The heart of the city, The Golden Triangle, is also known as the shopping and entertainment district of the city.

Start your trip off to KL at The Petronas Twin Towers. As THE top attraction in KL, these modern wonders are one of the architectural gems of Malaysia and are the tallest twin buildings in the world. The exterior and interior of the buildings resemble contemporary Islamic art, a symbol of Malaysia’s Muslim religion.If you are visiting the towers remember to collect your FREE tickets to go up and see the amazing view from the Sky Bridge. The sky bridge is a 58-metre double-decker bridge linking the twin towers at 170 metres above Kuala Lumpur city.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes when visiting the Petronas Twin Towers because at the foot of the building there is a trendy shopping complex called the Suria Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). Suria KLCC showcases the collections of the world’s top designer brands. There is also an art gallery, movie theatres, a science museum, a range of restaurants and a park that surrounds the towers.

Shopping doesn’t stop at Suria KLCC though. The Golden Triangle has loads of options for shoppers. At Bukit Bintang, you’ll find a variety of malls and shopping outlets that include Lot 10, Times Square, Sungai Wang Plaza, and Low Yat Plaza.

There are many Kuala Lumpur hotels within easy walking distance of the Petronas Towers. Accommodation in Kuala Lumpur is very affordable and there are quite a few five-star hotels that offer great rates that will suit a range of travel budgets.

Well-known hotels near Suria KLCC include the Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur and the Impiana KLCC Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This amazing city has a lot to offer, so do some research when planning your Malaysia holiday to experience all that Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

Finally, don’t miss out on some entertainment when you’re exploring the heart of KL. There are numerous museums, nightclubs, shops, parks and trendy restaurants to keep you busy during your stay in beautiful Kuala Lumpur.

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