Hong Kong is Fast, But Not Unpleasant


Hong Kong is fast, but not unpleasant. It’s a humble city, but ostentatious and foreboding all at once. It actually defies definition, which is, I think, why so few novelists or writers have written about it really well. It changes so fast and is so many things to so many people, sometimes all at once, that it’s impossible to write about. It’s more llike a crossword puzzle. It’s empty spaces let you fill in the next presumptive word of what it is. You may not be right, but you won’t know till the next word comes.

Douglas Crets
Douglas Crets is an intelligence officer and expert network builder for the social web. Using his training in journalism, digital media, anthropology and the humanities, he creates social media research projects for and about the leading social web entrepreneurs of today. His company, dB C Media provides companies and individuals with data, behavioral research studies, branding advice, consulting on social media execution and meaningful media content to create efficient interactions with consumers, and influencers and on the web, so that brands, companies and individuals can form relationships that matter. His traveling takes him to at least 12 countries a year. He speaks Russian and understands Chinese.
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