Computer Projects in Togo

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I do actually do a bit more here than bike around, sweat, and cook with my solar oven.  This school year I have some fun projects. 

I am doing the “Training of Trainers” again at Lycee Technique.  Like last year, I will give 5 teachers who are computer novices a year long course on basic computer skills.  The idea is that next year they will be teaching students.  4 teachers passed my class last year, but I decided it was good to continue.

I’m also giving a programming, database, and web site class to 5 other teachers of math and accounting.  We have had one class so far so I am curious to start getting feedback.

Another school is run by an American nun.  They have a computer lab and all students have one hour a week in front of the computers. I am working with the existing teachers, alternately sitting in on classes or leading them.  In this way we are all learning something new.

Not lastly, I am working with a teacher on a “mini-enterprise” club.  Once a week after school, the students gather to plan their business and implement it. I think this year they will make and sell soap. Sometimes we go into the computer lab so they can do the budgets in Excel or logos in a drawing program or whatever else is relevant.

So those are my big projects.  They keep me busy!

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