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I know what I’m working on, usually, but you might not.  So here is a short update of my various projects after being here in Sokode for 6 months.

  • Computer Club with about 15- 20 students.  We are creating a website together.  I will let you know when it launches.
  • Programming Class with about 10 students in the last year of Lycée.  I have some incredibly bright students in this class and it is fun to teach them progrgamming, even as they are still learning pretty basic computer usage (typing)
  • Training 5 teachers in basic computer skills so they can teach students themselves next year.  We covered MS Windows, Word , Excel (including formulas and charts), image manipulation with GIMP and drawing with OpenOffice Draw.   They also use OpenOffice.
  • Teaching English at a computer training center. I try to focus on technical or business terms.
  • A savings and loan womens group (think micro micro finance.  The women save and loan all the money themselves)
  • A new radio show once a week in English ( just starting)
  • Occasionally going to various schools in the area and speaking in English or French about America and the Peace Corps.  I love this, I find it really fun to hear their questions.

I also have some more personal relationships in which I help people one on one with technology or English, or business skills. 

In other words, lots of fun stuff.

Rebecca Hunt
After 10 years as a techie in the United States, Rebecca Hunt joined the
Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa. She taught computer skills and
business skills in a medium sized city. After 2 years in Togo, she
moved to Accra, Ghana to work in a internet and mobile telephone
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