A Beautiful Sand Painting From Dakar Africa

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I realized a few weeks ago that the only souvenirs (did you know “souvenir” is the French verb “to remember”?) I had from Dakar were an impressive tan line from my running shoes and a plethora of mosquito bites. I bought figurines of an elephant and a giraffe a while back, but considering they don’t grow those animals in Senegal and the items were probably made in China, they don’t count.

We bought a sand painting like the one above from a vendor a few weekends ago. They’re made by a local artist who uses brushed-on glue and various layers of different-colored sand to make everything by hand. Ours is a depiction of the entire continent, with two men rowing a kayak in the foreground. It’s nifty.

What’s your favorite souvenir you’ve gotten abroad? (Drunken stories from bars notwithstanding.)

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