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If you’re staying in Cape Town and would love to spend a few days on a game park but are not too happy to travel far, a visit to Aquila Game Reserve is in order. It is just outside of Cape Town, about a three-hour drive if you take your time, and is a wonderful piece of natural African bush just out of reach of the comforts of the city.

Recently an acquaintance of mine was telling me that he had driven some visitors to the game reserve and while he was waiting to lift them back he experienced something that many people would never imagine. Sitting just a few metres away from him was a wild rhinoceros, and in surprise my friend jumped away. A gamer who saw the event walked up to the impressive, grey creature and began feeding it out of his hand.

There are only a few places in the worlds where something like that can happen and Aquila Game Reserve is one of them. It is a four-star establishment and the staff is dedicated to wildlife conservation. An experience of the reserve includes the open air and chance encounters with zebra, hippo, buffalo and elephants as well as the big cats; the lion and the leopard. Aquila is home to Africa’s big five.

But if you’re looking for a luxury lodge that is all about the people then perhaps this place isn’t the best bet for you. The Aquila staff are bent on their guests learning about the ins and outs of the environment, especially ways in which to protect it. It’s an educational experience, one that emphasises the important of living in harmony.

Enjoy the outdoors as you seep into your pores the stark naturality of the landscape. Nature-Reserve comments that the area features three biomes including fynbos, renosterveldt and the succulent Karoo. The surrounding mountains also offer visitors a chance to appreciate the splendour of one of South Africa’s most popular flowers; the Protea.

There are a number of Safaris you can choose from whether you want to journey by foot, horseback or quad bike. The area waiting to be explored is vast so you won’t run out of places to discover. And when you’ve had enough of the sun, or have spent an entire day out in the wilderness, enjoy the comforts of the Boma Restaurant and Cigar Lounge back at the camp.

You can also laze next to the saltwater pool while the kids burn some energy at the adventure centre. Or spend a few hours relaxing in your chalet, reading a book or soaking in the tub. And if you don’t want to stay more than a day then the Day Game Drive Safari will be a perfect match for you. Call Aquila Game Reserve on 021 4318400 or 086 1737 783 for more information or to book your game reserve experience.

Image by Sias van Wyk via Stock.xchng.

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