Ratanga Junction: A Child’s Dream Destination


When it opened in 1998 visiting Ratanga Junction was every Capetonian (and possibly South African) child’s dream. It was “The Wildest Place in Africa” and promised hours of the best fun you could imagine.

Two years down the line and its still a great amusement park to take the little and not-so-little ones for a day of heart-racing rides, sweetened cool drinks and fun games to play.

If you can imagine being strapped to a rollercoaster with your feet dangling 100s of feet above the ground, racing along at about 100km/hr and you’ve still got a smile on your face then this is definitely the spot for you. Ratanga is geared towards meeting all your crazy-but-fun-ride needs with The Slingshot being the latest addition to an array of already impressive structures.

Just a ten-minute drive along the N1 from Cape Town’s CBD, this game park is located at Century City and offers its visitors over 30 attractions including 23 rides catering from small children to adventurous adults and even the adrenalin junkies.

For big thrills visit The Cobra (and enjoy a live snake park at the entrance), The Slingshot and Crocodile George (be prepared to get sprayed with water) and hold on tight.

The Monkeys Falls (prepare to get very wet), Congo Queen, Diamond Devil Run, Bushwacker, Stargazer and Bangers rides all offer you the thrill without the white-knuckles from holding on fir dear life.

For the little ones there is a medley of tamer rides such as the Splatter Ball and Mini Golf along with other enjoyable activities.

No food can be brought into the park but when your stomach starts to growl louder than you can howl on the Cobra, visit the Food Court in the Walled City. They have a wide range of food options. All food is halaal except for the Venom Bat and Courtyard Café. The selection is almost endless with It’s A Wrap serving healthier choices, Chicken Workz offers Ratanga’s famously soft & juicy chicken burgers, On A Roll does burgers, Pizza Pronto’s bolognaise pizza slice is a must-try and of course what would a visit to a game park without an ice-cream and for that Jive Café will sort you out.

Be sure to take your camera with you as there’ll be loads of memories and moments you won’t want to ever forget. The “wilderness in Africa” décor adds to a sense of exploration and excitement as you’ll very often find yourself running from one ride to the next.


Adventurer Rider Tickets (over 1.3m tall) R132

Mini Adventurer Rider Tickets (under 1.3m tall) R65

Fun Pass (Non Rider) R40.

Jade Scully
Jade Scully is a copywriter excited about writing copy and stories, blogging about the world and editing. She currently and regularly publishes her stories on a number of blogs. Jade loves animals and hopes to begin writing copy for the animal rescue charity TEARS as her contribution to the cause.
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