Oh Those African Sunsets & Skies

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The cool, fresh morning air in southern Africa brings about an excitement that can be felt by all as a new day begins presenting new challenges and new possibilities. The energy radiates off the animals as they eagerly await the first warm rays of sunlight. Enjoy the skies, the sunlight and the animals.


I always feel blessed to be able to start my day in such an incredible manner. A beautiful sunrise. ISO 640 F4 1/8000

Mhangeni youngster

A Mhangeni youngster prepares herself for another day. ISO 1000 F4 1/1250

Young hyena

A young hyena anxiously awaits mom’s return. ISO 1250 F2.8 1/640

Southern yellow billed hornbill

The striking contrast in colours of a hornbill is always a favourite of mine to try capture. ISO 400 F2.8 1/2500

Tsalala young male

The Tsalala youngsters are all starting to come into their own as their scruffy manes start to develop. ISO 1000 F2.8 1/640

Cheetah sunset

A male cheetah spends the last dying moments of the day scanning the area and soaking up the last rays of sunlight. Iso 200 F2.8 1/2000

Tsalala crossing the sand river

Something I have waited over two years to see. The Tsalala pride crossing the Sand River. Iso 800 F5 1/2500


A hammerkop patiently waits for fish and frogs to be washed over the causeway. ISO 800 F4 1/1000

Hyena cub

Young and inquisitive, it is always fascinating watching young animals explore new smells and sounds. ISO 1250 F2.8 1/125

Mashaba female

The Mashaba female rests in a clearing late into the afternoon before disappearing into thicker vegetation. Iso 800 F4 1/320

Male cheetah

This cheetah uses a mound to scan the area for any potential prey or threat which allowed us a great eye level look at this magnificent predator. ISO 1000 F2.8 1/800

Side light lioness

Side light often creates a different angle and highlights key features. A Tsalala lioness strolls off and disappears into the darkness. ISO 1000 F2.8 1/125


Breaking the rules of photography can sometimes work in your favour. In this image I purposefully shot a tight angle to emphasise the golden light on the zebra’s face. ISO 800 F5 1/2000

The Piva male

The contrasting colours of black and white shows off the power of the newly dominant Piva male. ISO 800 F5.6 1/160

Wildebeest sunset

The variated colours of the sunset was a wonderful way to end off yet another successful week in the bush. ISO 640 F7.1 1/4000


Written and Photographed by: Trevor Ryan McCall-Peat,  

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