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I’m in Morocco, and yes there are snake charmers in the streets;  it’s a bit frightening.  However the Moroccans are genuinely nice even if they are hoping to sell us tourists anything for a ridiculous amount of money.

Today a taxi drove off with my luggage, partially my fault for taking more than a few minutes to get it out of the trunk.  There is a chance that the bag will be turned into the police; at least the police and other taxi drivers think so.  If so; it should show up at 4:30; apparantly this is the magic hour when luggage gets returned to the police.  It is 4:20 now so lets hope i can get my clean underwear back;  i have all the really important stuff with me.

By the way, Morocco is beautiful, echanting, charming and intimidating.  More about the camel ride and sahara later…

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