Dancing With The Maasai Tribe in Tarangire National Park

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jungle maasai tribe tanzania

My African safari experience took me to three of the best national parks in Tanzania, including staying overnight in the totally ace Osupuko Lodge in Tarangire National Park.  

osupuko lodge tarangire

The entrance to Osupuko Lodge in the Tarangire, Tanzania.

The Maasai tribe members come over and greet us on arrival at Osupuko Lodge, a lovely mid-ranged jungle based lodge.

osupuko lodge fancy

The rooms offer hot showers and a mosquito net, with views of elephants in the distance on the edge of Tarangire National Park.  

elephants in tarangire

View from our balcony…”elephants come down to the waterhole at dusk, they feel the same as us about life…”

Upon arrival, you receive more than a welcome – it’s a performance. The famous Maasai tribe are based in parts of Kenya and Tanzania and they pride themselves in their expert dancing and singing performance.

maasai dance jonny blair

Ready for the dance.

maasai tribe osupuko

I get draped with a gown and get given a stick and the men in the Maasai tribe all have these sticks. Men stand on the right and the girls stand on the left and rather than a stick, the women have an elaborate necklace.

jonny blair maasai tribe dances

These dances have been a part of their traditions and way of life for generations.

maasai tribe dance tanzania

The entire performance lasts about half an hour after which we walk with the Maasai tribe in a march style ritual before dispersing into the night and being left to our own devices.  

tarangire osupuko lodge

The Bar in the Tarangire!

A feast lies in store, which includes grilled pork. Sun has set long ago and the sounds in the distance are of animals.

sunset osupuko tranagire




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