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300,000. The estimated total number of casualties from the Japanese invasion of Nanjing. Among that number not only the soldiers are counted, but the innocent as well. The invaders took depravity to a whole new...
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Nothing is Written!

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Good grief, has it really been this long since I’ve updated this register of raucous China-related revelries? Well, dear Reader, please accept my earnest apologies. You must understand, gentle Reader, that the final exam season...
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Illinois Keane and the Temple of Hoops

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11/20/08HuaiHai Institute of TechnologyToday I had the pleasure of teaching some second-year students the intricacies of the sentence. I expounded on the endless joys and functions of this fundamental mode of communication. My students now...
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Nightclub Roulette

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11/8/08This city has relatively unpredictable nightlife. It seems that everyone in this modestly-sized metropolis will call or text one another on the happening nights. There must be some mutual consent among the locals that business will...
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The Undiscovered Country

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10/22/08LianYunGang AirportBound for travel yet again. I took up an enticing offer to hit the road. The whole journey was arranged by the office of foreign affairs at the HuaiHai Institute. For a mere...
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The Road Warrior

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10/16/08I’ve been invited to join a biker gang. The gang, which uses the handle of “The Wolverines,” consists of the younger ex-pat teachers here in LianYunGang. I should be clear in stating that there...
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