Nina Holle

Nina Holle
I am always struggling with the question "So, what do you do?". I have used many labels in the last decade - philosopher, economist, writer, researcher, contemplative, yogi, seeker, world traveler.

My professional career has been largely in economic development trying to make living conditions better for the poor. My vision is a world which is more equal, more just, healthier and happier for everyone - not only a select few.

However, through my own path in Theravada Buddhism and yoga, I learned that a big part of journey towards contentment takes place within. So I started teaching yoga and immersing myself into ancient wisdom. Due to my background in research, I am also closely following the emerging (neuro-)scientific insights into yoga, meditation and spirituality - trying to solve some of the contradiction between science and spirituality.

In my writing and teaching, I blend my own contemplative insights with the emerging scientific research, I add some "researchy" thoughts on bigger picture questions, ultimately hoping to inspire personal and social change.

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