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It’s no secret here at We Blog the World that we love wine and review wines from around the world whenever we get a chance. Be sure to check out our food & wine section for a variety of fun reading, from festivals and special VIP events to restaurant reviews.  We were thrilled to be given an opportunity to review the 3 in 1 wine opener and the Instant Wine Aerator, both from Waerator.

Waerator: Instant Wine Aerator

We are fans of aerators and have reviewed them in the past. In fact, we use them wherever we go — from picnics to restaurants. At times, we get unusual looks from people, however once we explain how it works and that it makes wine “pop” instantly, they’re more than intrigued. The Waerator W2 Electric Wine Aerator instantaneously transforms traditional classics into what they refer to as “emboldened flavors.”

In our experience, using an aerator simply “pops” the wine, opening it more quickly than you may have time for with a traditional decanter. While we still use decanters (and have several, including all crystal ones from Eastern Europe), the Waerator W2 Electric Wine Aerator is a great tool if you don’t have time to wait for a bottle to open, especially useful when you’re opening a bottle at a group gathering and will be going through several bottles over the course of a day or evening. In other words, it saves you time decanting and you avoid the spillage that you often get when you pour from a decanter, even a high end one.


Using it at home with a Victor Hugo red

We love that this accessory is so small and convenient to pack, so you can transport it for nearly any occasion and of course, when you travel. Think: picnics, a toast at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, on safari, a river cruise, at a small restaurant in southern Italy — the list goes on. You get the idea. This aerator is also great for when you are hosting a wine tasting event, drinking beer during Sunday football, or even if you’re on a wine tour in France or Argentina. Or, Sonoma Valley, which is a bit closer to home for us.  Nope, no typo there — you can use this aerator for beer as well.

There’s an airtight rubber seal which will keep your wine fresher for longer, so you don’t have to waste any bottles! It’s easy to clean the Waerator, store it and maintain it. From bold beers to sweet wine, the Waerator wine breather will give you a new world of flavor instantly. It’s oh so convenient.

A Wine Enhancer

Truth be told, we’ve been using an aerator for a few years now. We reviewed the Vinturi wine aerator set (for red and white wines) a couple of years ago and I keep one in my purse all the time in case we go out spontaneously.  We love them because simply put — they work!! How we use the Vinturi is a little differently however — typically, we will hold the Venuti aerator over our crystal decanter and pour the entire bottle in to decant for an hour or so. Depending on the wine, year and grape, waiting for an hour after aeration is often not necessary. And of course, most evenings, it will only decant for about 10-15 minutes before dinner, especially during the week.

What we love about the Waerator aerator is that they provide a straight tube so there’s no need for a decanter at all. It works with standard 750 ml bottles and in addition to opening your wine, it gets rid of the sediments as well. 

As the wine enters the spout, the decanter infuses it with air to soften tannins and enhance hidden flavors in seconds. Whether you’re tasting young or old wines, red or white, you no longer have to wait for hours for the wine to breathe. A simple press of the button and you’re set.

The Waerator state-of-the-art one-button technology pumps air into the bottle to promote aeration and 6x more surface area oxidation than traditional funnels. The spout will then precisely pour aerated wine into your glass at a rapid rate of 1.2 oz every 2 seconds — bravo!!

With this wine tool, you can savor an entire bottle during holiday get-togethers or over a romantic dinner. And, as we mentioned above, we also think it’s a great purchase if you throw parties or go out to dinner with friends.  The wine aerator pourer with spout quickly delivers aerated drinks without spills and sediments and the decanter’s airtight rubber seal preserves your wine, beer and spirits for longer. 

Aeration for Whiskey, Beer, Scotch & Beyond

We mentioned that the Waerator aerator works with beer, but it goes one step further. While most people think of aerators for wine, this useful device works for whiskey, bitter beers, scotch, wine and beyond.  There’s another tube used for whiskey — the tube will work to aerate standard sized bottles of whiskey, dark or bitter beers, scotch, and select IPAs. It’s an essential wine, whiskey, scotch, and beer accessory that can be transported and used pretty much anywhere!

You can find this handy device from Waerator over on Amazon.

Waerator: 3 in 1 Wine Opener

Another useful accessory for foodies is the 3 in 1 wine opener, also by Waerator. It’s easy to use: you simply turn the device on and place it on the top of the cork with slight pressure. Next, you twist the corkscrew in and remove it. You don’t have to hold any buttons while operating, so it’s pretty simple and seamless without any learning curve.


The simple steps to using the Waerator wine bottle opener

The 3-in-1 wine bottle opener handles the mess for you — we love this!! We tried it with a bottle of red wine before dinner — an added accessory handles the foil with just a squeeze and twist. Once the foil’s out of the way, you simply place the bottle opener over the bottle and watch it as the corkscrew turns into the cork and removes it. 

Waerator bottle opener

The Waerator 3 in 1 Bottle Opener

Also included in the kit is specially-designed wine bottle stoppers to preserve your wine (above, on the right).

Waerator detachable wine foil cutter,

Waerator detachable wine foil cutter

The two date-stamped stoppers can help you remember when the bottle was first opened, which is particularly useful if you don’t drink wine with dinner every night.  This aerator is a super fun device whether you’re heading out for a picnic on the beach, lunch in the park, toasting at sunset or having a romantic dinner at home. It’s super versatile and small enough to take on the road if you want to bring it with you on your next trip.

We love this gizmo — not only does it easily open wine bottles, but there’s a Smart Preservation feature too. The Waerator 3 in 1 integrates a Smart PSI Detection Vacuum Pump that suctions out the right amount of air and seals the bottle regardless of how much wine is left.

The goal of course is to keep your wine safe from oxidation and preserve the fresh taste up to ten days which is pretty significant. They tout a long lasting battery – apparently on just one single charge, the Waerator 3-in-1 wine opener opens 45 wine bottles or preserves up to 180 bottles. We haven’t had the gadget long enough to test out the battery longevity, but let’s just say that it’s been fun and helpful in several occasions so far.

For me, I’ve always attempted to open a bottle of wine, without fussing with the foil cutter. This of course means that it’s not always a clean cut and you do run the risk of cutting yourself this way as well. We also love the  Waerator detachable wine foil cutter, which removes the foil cover from wine bottle effortlessly and easily (see right).

Waerator also has pourers as well and look at just how elegant they are — both modern and tasteful.


The WAERATOR WA-A01-RD Instant 1-Button Electric Wine Aeration and Decanter Pourer

You can get this 3 in 1 gizmo from Waerator over on Amazon. For more information about Waerator and their offerings, visit their website for all available products and details. Also be sure to visit our Lifestyle Products section as well as our fashion/style section for more fun products.


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