Wifi Sugar: Making Internet Surfing Sweet Again

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Today’s on the go lifestyle in the 21st century warrants the need to connect to public wifi on a fairly regular basis.  Whether you are out on a business trip, sitting in a coffee shop, or passing time in the airport, public wifi is everywhere and more often than not very easy to use.

What a lot of people don’t know is that public wifi puts your laptop at risk of being attacked by hackers.  There is actual evidence of wifi in hotels and US airports being hacked.  While this news is not that shocking to anyone who has ever received spam emails, or had an account of one kind or another broken in to, it can be stressful when you are relying on public wifi for your internet connection.

There is a new product out that helps alleviate the stress, worry and risk of your laptop being hacked on public wifi.  This software is from wifisugar.com and protects people when they use a wifi connection on the go.  In addition to being more protected while checking your email, bank accounts, and everything in between while traveling; wifisugar also allows you to access US based sites like Netflix and Hulu while traveling outside the US.

While the software must be paid for it would be better than having all your internet information hacked.  The product be run on smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops of course.

Photo Credit: wifisugar.com

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