USB Spectrum & Rubber Key Mat


One-off Etsy design of a USB keyboard in a ZX Spectrum housing. Its almost as expensive as the original ZX Spectrum. Part of me hopes that the guts of the Spectrum donated for this project are being hardwired into an Apple Bluetooth keyboard to make a futuristic iSpectrum.

Travel back to the 1980’s with this original Sinclair ZX Spectrum converted to work as a fully functional USB keyboard. Inside, there’s a controller board running my custom software which transforms the Spectrum’s keyboard into a USB keyboard. This will work anywhere a normal USB keyboard would, most laptop and desktop PCs, and some tablets. No software is required to run on the PC end, just plug in and go.

Ewan Spence
Ewan Spence is a blogger, author and writer based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. In addition to his own blog, he has contributed and contributes to BBC News, BBC Magazine (online), The Stage (UK Arts and Entertainment Newspaper), Computing (VNU), iProng Magazine, IT Pro, O’Reilly’s Make Magazine, Palmtop Magazine, Podcast User Magazine, UK Tech and UK Mobile Blognation, PDA Essentials, Mobile Messaging 2.0 and All About Symbian.

He wrote the book Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development for Symbian OS and has audio program commissions for BBC Radio 5 Live – Through the Night and Pods and Blogs, Computer Outlook Talk Radio Show and Talk 107. He also regularly speaks at and moderates panels at high profile technology conferences around the world.
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