The Good & The Bad Of The BlackBerry Z30

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In short, high end specs that match the best Android has to offer, but the OS is insanely focused on messaging capabilities to the detriment of the rest of the platform. Step outside the focused remit of the BB10 developers and the Z30 stops being an effective smartphone.

BlackBerry is now clearly playing in the niche category, but messaging and connectedness is a good niche to be in. If they can navigate their current corporate issues and still be able to develop the OS and handsets with limited runs in twelve months time, they’ll still be around inn a form where they can serve a subset of smartphone users with insane focus.

On its own the BlackBerry Z30 is an interesting smartphone that does just enough to be attractive outside of the faithful Blackberry crowd. But seen in conjunction with BlackBerry’s financial issues, it’s very hard to judge the Z30 in its own right.

The problem is that BlackBerry bet the house on the Z10, and the market did not buy into, resulting in an almost one billion dollar write-down due to the overproduction of the Z10. While the Z30 is in improvement in almost every area of hardware and software, BlackBerry has much less goodwill from the consumers still to buy into a BlackBerry 10 powered handsets, and as a company BlackBerry is not in a position that promotes long term confidence.

There’s a lot to like about the Z30. There’s also a lot to be wary about. There are no show-stopping issues, but there are a handful that would stop me recommending the Z30 to someone blindly. If you are fully aware of the capabilities and limitations of the Z30, it’s going to be a solid handset, but for the general public I don’t feel BlackBerry has done enough to future proof the Z30.

I’ve reviewed the Z30 handset in more depth on Forbes, head over there to read it in full.

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