OpenPool is Bringing Table Billiards into Your Home.

It seems that no matter the skill level a person has a table billiards, everyone finds a great deal of enjoyment out of the game of pool.  It has always been a great social platform to build social relations with people.  A Tokyo-based group is now working to bring that same social connection and enjoyment virtually via OpenPool.
The OpenPool community implements the standard billard table with cutting-edge computer technologies leading, ultimately, to a ‘super billiard’ experience.  What makes the experience ‘super’ is that you can connect with people from different backgrounds and communities and use this platform to play pool.  The desire of the project is to spread OpenPool around the world connecting communities, offices, campuses, cafes, labs, and casinos al together to play
With the products initial launch being a part of the game show at South By Southwest this year; it will hopefully gain a strong crowd.
Brook Bentley
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