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I’m a huge fan of natural organic supplements in moderation. One of the problems that so many people make is that they either overdo supplements, take ones they don’t need or don’t take ones that could be more useful in their daily wellness regime.

Age, body type and physical or emotional ailments all go into the formula of what you should take, how much and when. I’m not a doctor and therefore am not recommending specific supplements — please check with your doctor (personally, I’m a fan of holistic doctors who integrate both traditional medicine and eastern philosophy into their practice) and find out what vitamins and supplements are the right fit for you.

We tested some of Organic India’s teas and supplements recently, including Ashwagandha, Amalaki, Peaceful Sleep, Organic India Memory, Chyawanprasi and a few others. We also sampled some of their teas, including the Tulsi Sleep Tea and their Tulsi Cleanse Tea.  In addition to the less traditional and less known supplements mentioned above, they offer some of the standard ones which are generally known to help with things like digestion or inflammation, like Turmeric for example.

The company has been around for a long time (since the 199o’s) and was founded in Lucknow, a town in northern India by a group of people interested in holistic healing and wellness. The idea way back when was to establish a sustainable business model to support the livelihood of thousands of impoverished farmers in India by providing training and education, enabling self-sufficiency and skills that could be passed on to future generations. How cool is that? This idea became a movement as organic and biodynamic farming methods were developed and practiced.

Tulsi Tea blends come in 18 flavors! Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is revered throughout India as a sacred herb infused with healing power and is considered to be the “Queen of Herbs.” The sleep tea, which we tried aims to help reduce stress, support your immune system, is loaded with antioxidants, has ingredients that should help to build stamina, aids digestion and is anti-aging, balances your metabolism and energy levels, as well as helps with mood. Their teas are Kosher and Halal certified and completely GMO free. Bravo!

Photo credit: www.greenerideal.com.

There’s such a wide variety of them that there’s plenty to choose from and they’d make a great addition to a holiday gift basket. Ginger is one of my favorites btw and it’s hard to go wrong with Ginger as a choice given its so great as a digestive aid and who doesn’t need help with digestion around the holidays? You can order the products online and find out more at http://www.organicindiausa.com/. 

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