Jockey, Great Stylish Activewear For Any Getaway Trip

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I had always thought of Jockey as a clothing brand for guys in college and their early twenties and truth be told, they do serve a younger market and have primarily been an all men’s clothing line for years. Most people know Jockey for their underwear and they do offer a number of great underwear choices for men. Crikey, every man I know must have a pair of Jockey briefs.

Recently on a trip to Puerto Rico, I went decked with tons of Jockey active wear and sleepwear to try out knowing that I had a number of activities lined up, from hiking and swimming to yoga and lounging by the pool. Little did I know until I did a little digging, that they offer a wide array of choices for women and while their line may have more appeal for people in their twenties, there are plenty of choices I’d happily wear, especially their casual tops, hoodies, leggings and shorts.

I quickly learned that Jockey has camis, capris, jackets, pants, robes, shorts, tank tops, tees, v-necks, bras, sports bras, shapewear (since I’ve been increasing our foodie write-ups and restaurant reviews, I won’t say no), sleep and lounge wear and hosiery among other clothing options. Below I’m in a casual long sleeve breathable cotton top with a slightly open “crossed” back. It was a perfect choice for our trip to Palomino Island when I wanted to be covered from the sun, while remaining cool.

When it got too hot, I could toss it over my shoulders or wrap around my waist — I wore one of Jockey’s sports bras, a vibrantly pink number that exuded style while maintaining functionality.

It was my favorite Jockey top I wore in Puerto Rico because of its flexibility, and the fact that the soft and soothing green would easily match nearly every color in my suitcase. It’s also incredibly lightweight and breathable, and didn’t seem to wrinkle, which is a godsend for active travelers on the go.

My second favorite would have to go to yet another easy-on-the-eye and neutral color choice from Jockey, a long sleeved gray casual-wear top, which was a bit warmer, making a perfect end of day option or a throw on after a workout. Below, it is shown with a pair of gray cropped leggings, which I wore for a workout while traveling and found myself roaming around the house in them when I returned from my trip because they are so comfortable.

It also served as a great sun protector when I was on Palomino Island looking through the ocean’s crystal blue waters for fun colored seashells and rocks.

On the more active side, we found ourselves doing a fun-filled yoga class with an outa this world view at the El Conquistador Resort, which in addition to other things, boasts an award-winning Arthur Hills golf course. We set up our mats just below the driving range which provided landscape views of the course and the property behind it. As the class finished close to sunset, we were able to linger for a bit to take in the changing sky in our Jockey gear.

These stylin’ soft green leggings were a great match for the sleeveless number below which has a fun knotted back.

A little serenity joy after the class. How can you go wrong with a view like this?

I have the same sleeveless top in two shades of pink, which is a great cover up for their ever so fashionista pink sports bra,  Jockey’s fun summer shorts in the same vibrant shade of pink and a two-toned light pink and gray hoodie which compliments both well (pictured below). The sports bra, sleeveless top and hoodie are also great matches with the gray leggings and make a great choice for any workout, which I’ve already put to the test at a Hatha yoga class since arriving back in San Francisco.

Jockey offers the hoodie in a light green/gray combo and a couple of fun sports bra options which go well with their any of their hoodies (there’s also a bunch of solid colored options on their site) and Jockey’s myriad of leggings. Can you say bright, fun, summery and feminine? I love the collection.

There’s a ton of casual sleeveless, short and long sleeved cotton shirt choices for women and most of the gear I have are in soft pastel colors, from muted yellows and grays to greens and pinks. They also have plenty of cropped sleep pants in a variety of print combos, which can be worn any time of year. As noted above with the green crew, none of their active wear seems to wrinkle easily, making them a great choice for avid travelers.

Below Anthony is wearing a two-tone Jockey top with a pair of Jockey shorts, which he wore at our ever so memorable outdoor yoga class and later for an afternoon walk while we were casually roaming around El Conquistador’s grounds. Again, Jockey’s active wear is incredibly breathable, making them a perfect option for any fitness activity. There’s a longer legged version of the shorts below and a number of long and short active wear for men in a variety of colors.

While the pair of striped Jockey pants Anthony is wearing below is largely designed as sleepwear, he wore them around the pool area and of course, to stand on his head, a regular ritual of his whether we’re traveling or not. There are a number of sleepwear bottom options for men in both cotton and flannel and they are all incredibly comfortable with easy-to maneuver draw-strings.

Below, some of Jockey’s shorts, pajama pants and casual pants for men which come in a variety of checked and striped patterns and colors!

While the resort offered robes inside the hotel rooms as well as at their 26,000 foot spa, I opted to wear the plush and incredibly soft Jockey robe all week. This fun pink number is also available in a soft blue as well and I couldn’t help but feel incredibly feminine while I was wearing it! Nicely done Jockey considering your history of focusing on men’s wear.

Gotta love this view from our hotel room at the main resort! In the distance, you’ll see Palomino Island protruding out to my left.

Yeah, I wore the robe around the main pool as well since it was such a close walk from our hotel room. Both the lower and upper level pools had hot tubs with outlandish views of the Atlantic Ocean and their infinity pools brought you into another world, one where serenity, luxury and natural beauty meet.

Take a look at my write-up on the El Conquistador Resort Spa, the El Conquistador Resort, Palomino Island, Puerto Rico for foodies and our fabulous hike into the El Yunque Rainforest.



Note: we were hosted by Jockey but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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