Interested in Astrology? Check Out Mobile App Time Passages!

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While it’s still hard for me to understand astrology on an intellectual level, I’ve had enough mystical experiences with both top astrologists and everyday people who’ve looked me in the eye just to say “you’re definitely a Scorpio.” At this point I’ve accepted that astrology is a part of our lives and has, in my opinion, some sort of imprinting on our personality, countenance, and our relationship with both ourselves and the world at large.

While nothing is written in stone, I’ve found that is can serve as a good compass to explain things that otherwise seem much more confusing than they need to be. Time Passages has, for me, been a very entertaining and enlightening app on my iPhone that I use sometime as a powerful tool and other times simply as a form of entertainment. The app provides detailed information about your birth-chart and any other cohorts you may decide to program in – the best part is the chart comparison – chart compatibility is rated from 1 to 10 in different arenas such as relationship longevity, sexual attraction, money, and communication.

While I may not always want to agree with the rankings, I find it surprisingly accurate and also fun to share results with people. Because of the Time Passages app, I am now armed with Golden Rolodex of birth charts to fully face the world from a truly informed standpoint. What more could I ask for? With a description of each planet and what’s going on with me and anyone I care about enough to program into my phone freshly available on the daily, this product was well worth the $29.99 price tag in the iTunes app store.

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