Improve Your WillPower With The Under Armour39 Wearable

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Once Nike jumped into the market, it was only a matter of time for other sportswear manufacturers to join the wearables market. Under Armour has now introduced its Armour39 wearable, which promises to improve your willpower.

The Armour39 tracks critical performance measures such as heart rate, intensity, calories burned and, ostensibly, willpower in real-time, which allows you to review your performance across workouts:

  • Components – The Armour39 ($100) system consists of a chest strap, module, watch (sold separately: $200), plus mobile app. Body data collected is transferred to the module, which fits in the strap. When the module is synced with your phone the data is transmitted to your mobile device.
  • WILLpower – One of the neat features of the Armour39 System is WILLpower, which determines what a user is capable of by sensing how one moves and recording heart beat and delivering precise measurements to the module. It then scores your performance and sets the bar higher to improve your score.

Like the Nike Fuelband SE we reviewed, the Armour39 measures your body’s performance, with Under Armour approaching it from a more sports approach.

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