Gripbells for Flexible Fitness & Weighted Gear on the Road

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We recently came across GRIPBELL, a fitness design that they hope, will replace all other handheld, weighted gym equipment. With various grip positions, GRIPBELL can be used for hundreds of movements and because they are flat in size, it makes it easier for travelers to bring with them when on the road.

gripbell dumbbells for weight lifting on the road

GRIPBELL’s sleek, and flat design means you can lay it flat in a suitcase to stay in shape on long trips or drop it in a backpack to shake up your next trail run.

gripbell in a suitcase

The bells are designed to be used by both men and women. Their hope is that a single GRIPBELL can be a replacement all of your dumbbells, kettlebells, and just about any other piece of weighted, handheld gym equipment. They encourage you to use them during a weightlifting, cross-training, yoga, physical therapy, or interval training session.


Unlike other free weights, the GRIPBELL has perfectly distributed weight and each bell is the same size, regardless of weight, so going heavier doesn’t mean adjusting to a larger piece of equipment.

The GRIPBELL’s recycled cast iron core is wrapped with a grippy, polyurethane exterior which reduces any slippage issues. They use all hypoallergenic materials as well and you can get them by size which is reflected by a different color. For example, red GRIPBELLS are 3 pounds, orange is 5 pounds, yellow is 8 pounds, green is 10 pounds, blue is 12 pounds and you can order sets as well.


We love that they’re flat in size and the design is tons of fun as well. GRIPBELL can be used by professionals or amateurs and is designed for use in outdoors, indoors, in a swimming pool, at home or when traveling.

More information including how to order can be found at their site: Be sure to check out our wellness products section, as well as Lifestyle Products, Fashion/Style and Beauty.

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