Falling in Love with the Nikon D7000


We bought a new camera recently – the Nikon D7000.  Our Nikon D80 is showing it’s age and it was time for an upgrade after 6 years.  We tend to keep and use our equipment for a long time, so when we upgrade it makes sense for us to buy premium products that will last.

Nikon D7000

We’re using the Sigma lens we bought several years ago as it works very well with this camera and has Optical Stabilization.

Of course we have some test shots for you!

A New Era In Photography

The D7000 has auto-ISO like all upper end Nikon DSLRs.  This shot was taken by the light of the streetlight and auto-ramped up to ISO 6400 (which is the maximum for auto ISO).  For a streetlight photo, the white-balance is pretty good I would say.

A New Era In Photography

Everyone knows that I love night shots, and clearly this rig can handle low light situations very well.

A New Era In Photography

Believe it or not, the focus locked on this subject.  Amazing!

A New Era In Photography

Compare this night shot with the one below:

A New Era In Photography

Razor sharp!

A New Era In Photography

A New Era In Photography

I’m still making adjustments because the colors aren’t popping yet.  I don’t post-process; I get the shots I want right out of the camera.  I’ll have it adjusted the way I like soon enough and the colors will be bright just like I had the D80 setup.

So, what do you think of these test shots?

MJ Klein
Former field engineer MJ Klein now lives in Taiwan, and writes articles that primarily feature photographs of travels of MJ and wife Hui-chen, plus daily goings on in the bustling island nation of Taiwan, and other places in Asia. Articles feature people, culture, food, situations and sometimes the trials and tribulations of traveling in places such as China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos and of course Taiwan.
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