Fall in Love With Comfy But Stylish Alegria Shoes…

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I recently discovered Alegria Shoes and absolutely fell in love with their style. We thought they would make a great holiday gift because their line is so diverse and offers plenty of colorful fun. For example, if you want something that is both warm and practical, while classic, elegant and comfortable all in the same shoe, take a look at this fabulous find called the Hannah Black Beauty Shoe.

This ankle bootie style features printed black beauty leather and feminine ruffled leather edges, as well as an easy on and off zipper, making it great for frequent travelers as well. There’s a leather covered insole allows for your feet to naturally breathe, leaving them feeling fresh and dry, which is especially important during the wet colder months of the year, which is where we’re heading.

Their cork, memory foam and polyurethane loaded footbed makes for a “perfect fit” by forming to the natural contours of your foot. OH MAN, these are so so comfortable. They also have a removeable footbed, so you can even insert your own orthotics! H ow cool is that?  The lining is hand sewn and in leather lining so you have plenty of superior arch support, and plenty of room in the toe box. The heel height is 2 ¼ inches for those who care, like me. When you’re running between gates at an airport, heel height definitely matters.

The above stylin’ ankle boot is another example of their beautifully styled elegant line — what we love about Alegria so much is how stylish they are while maintaining the comfort that frequent travelers require. The Eliza Regal Copper Boot features soft velvet laces (oh so classy) and genuine printed suede in Regal Copper. What a beauty! We plan to keep our eyes on this line to see what they’ll be coming out with for Spring and Summer as well. A fabulous choice for travelers who appreciate a sense of elegance and style. More at www.alegriashoes.com. 

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