Domeo’s Tri Lounge iPad Case

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This plush iPad case is great for lounging.  The plush exterior provides the comfort you want while having a soft foam core that provides the necessary stability you need.  This case has a 3-sided design that allows for multiple viewing angles and adaptable use in both landscape and portrait. When the iPad is not in use, it can be stored within the Tri Lounge case for protection.


This product is great for creating a more relaxing home office, entertaining the kids in the car, or a family game night.  When you not using your iPad or its’ accessories, they can easily be stored within the case as a part of Domeo’s design.


Domeo researched the most common ways people were using their iPads before making their cases.  Their overall goal was to design something that met consumer needs rather then guessing what the consumer might want.



Whether you are watching a movie or reading the latest best seller, we want you to be comfortable. The Tri-Lounge iPad case provides that desired comfort along with a versatile and sturdy design.  It maximizes your viewing options, provides secure storage for your iPad, and has room for your iPad accessories. The plush comfort of a pillow with the sturdy durability of a desk, that’s the Tri-Lounge iPad case.


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