Crosley Vintage Radios & Jukeboxes, a Fun & Creative Way to Listen to Music

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Impressive sound meets outstanding vintage design in Crosley’s tabletop radios. While they have an impressive collection of vintage radios, I was inspired by one of their simpler models, largely because red was such a retro color for kitchens way back when (and well I still have one) and because it is the closest design to the radio I grew up with in the 1970’s except for the vibrant red color of course.

What I love about Crosley is the fact that they embrace color and y’all know if you’re regular readers, that we love fun colors and designers and manufacturers who think outside-the-box. Crosley is definitely an outside-the-box kinda company and is based in of all places, Kentucky, which I “heart” because of my involvement in Louisville’s Idea Festival every year.

Just like the radios of yesteryear, the on and off switch is a right/left turn dial, not a switch and the right dial controls the stations. If you care about speed to get to where you want to go, this probably isn’t for you, but if you love great design and are nostalgia in any way shape or form for old fashioned products that are well made, then Crosley has a bunch of options to choose from.

They call this retro red number The Ranchero and it also comes in black.  The Ranchero features a clean “new-stalgic” look with a touch of vintage flare and an acoustically tuned and ported speaker enclosure. Even though it’s primary a radio and is designed to just offer you an analog AM/FM radio tuner, you can also connect your MP3 player or other external audio device to the back, including an iPhone or iPod, if you want to play something off your playlist.

Sure sure, there’s online radio and I do listen to Pandora and Spotify especially when I travel, but when you want to capture the imagination and be brought back in time while connecting to local radio stations wherever you happen to be, I love the idea of a Crosley radio. We are currently testing it out in the kitchen and it makes for a great conversation opener when people walk in and see it sitting there on the counter, blending in so well with the rest of the retro products — all in red of course.

So far so good. Like all old fashioned radios however, you need to have an antenna so at first, we weren’t getting clarity on all stations, but after some tweaking of the antenna and moving the radio around a bit, the static disappeared and the quality improved, just like we did in the 1970’s.

If red isn’t your thing, but you still love old fashioned and retro designs, take a look at Crosley’s Corsair clock radio with CD player, which we love the look of, but don’t have on hand for an actual review. It is styled like a 1950’s automobile, and includes an AM/FM radio, programmable CD player, and dual alarms that can be set and used independently. You can even opt to wake to CD, radio or buzzer alarm.

Classic radios isn’t all that Crosley does — they do telephones, records, accessories, turntables, headphones and jukeboxes as well. We’d absolutely love to test out one of their Jukeboxes, largely because they’re so unique, make for a great centerpiece for a party and at the same time, are functional. Crosley also has several options and they’re all in fun vibrant colors of course.

One example is Crosley’s iJuke Premier which is a stand-out. It makes for a nice addition to a game room, although like we said, we’d love to see the reaction of folks during a WBTW or other such party or event because hey, you simply don’t see them much anymore and when you do, they’re either too bulky or not all that attractive. The iJuke Premier brings back old fashioned rock-and-roll but as a smaller tabletop version.

You can dock and listen to your iPod and CDs while tapping into the jukebox’s dynamic full range stereo speakers. How about that eye-catching neon lighting and stylish wood finish?

We also loved their oh so stylish headphones. Fashionistas will love the simplicity of the design and colors of Crosley’s Amplitone headphones, which are designed with the discriminating listener in mind. We thought it was a nice add-on to any radio purchase you make not to mention the perfect choice for listening to your retro favorites on your mobile device of choice.

Large mylar drivers ride securely in retro ABS plastic shells, expertly reproducing the highest highs and the lowest lows. We found the quality to be more than ample, and while it may not give you the quality of sound of a Bose or equivalent and may not necessarily be your choice for noisy airline rides, remember the sweet and nifty $29.95 price point – it’s hard to beat!

The comfortable padded headband is covered in soft fabric, and features integrated sliders that allow the user to adjust the headphones for the perfect fit. The braided 3.5 mm headphone cable is removable and replaceable, and is widely compatible with a variety of Crosley products, as well as noted above, MPW players, cell phones, and other audio products. Remember how much we love color over here at We Blog the World? Sure, they come in red and blue, the more standard colors, but there’s also a fun aqua and spring time lime green color as well – fun!

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