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I have always loved the products from Creative and whenever they have something new, we love getting products in to test out, especially before the holidays or when there’s something new coming out from them at CES, such as any of the Creative speakers.

First of all, the Creative speakers are usually reasonably priced and often come in fun snazzy colors.

Creative Speakers: the Creative MUVO 2C

The Creative MUVO 2C speakers from Creative are a great option for avid travelers. Adventure enthusiasts will appreciate its IP-66 rating and their portable easy-grib design. 

Creative Labs Speakers

We love the myriad of color offerings of course, as we appreciate choice and companies that think of women when they design products. Consider how many boring black, gray or white speakers there are on the market.  

These speakers connect wirelessly and you can you can even connect two MUVO 2c speakers together which is a must if you want to expand the sound from a small speaker. 

The other thing we love is that because the MUVO 2c is IP66-certified, it means that the speaker is water resistant, making it a great choice for beach and pool fun. Bravo!!

Creative Labs speakers

The folks from Creative were exhibiting at the GetGeeked event in the San Francisco Bay Area this fall, which is great because I’m not sure I want to drag myself to CES again this year for the billionth time (that’s always how it feels and those of you who have trekked to this crowded Vegas event for more than a decade will resonate). Smaller media events make it easier to see product demos in a quieter setting.

The Creative MUVO 2c also offers a Sound Blaster Connect app for iOS and Android so you can control your speaker easily. You can also view and select songs from your MicroSD card, navigate through music, and conveniently switch between different audio sources.

In the Creative speakers collection, the Creative MUVO 2c comes in a fun green teal, neon green, blue, red, orangeblack, pink, and my favorite – purple.

Creative Labs speakers

Given the holiday season, they also encouraged us to try out Creative speakers they call the Creative Halo.

Creative Speakers: the Creative Halo

Imagine a convergence of sight and sound in one speaker. This portable Creative Halo in the Creative speakers line is Bluetooth enabled and comes with a fully programmable, infinite tunnel light show that can dance along to your music. Yes, really! The speaker is made of a comfortable fabric, boasts up to 8 hours battery life, and also functions as a speakerphone, which extends its flexibility far beyond its immediate fun factor.

Creative Labs speakers - Creative Halo

The material is great — it uses a soft fabric, has great rubberized controls, a firm plastic to make it durable, and a reflective mirrored surface. In other words, they’ve kept the design minimalistic and yet the results of this fun-filled light show will be a hoot for teenagers, Millennials and any fun personality in your circle.

The speaker offers 16.8 million colors to choose from (no exaggeration), and the Creative Halo’s lights can pulse along with your music, provide a calming glow, spin, blink, or simply shine the way you want it to. How cool is that?

You can also choose from 12 mesmerizing halo effect patterns simply by pushing a button or through the Xpectra Lightshow Control App. We love the fact that it comes with an easy to download mobile app (for both iOS devices and Android devices) so you can manage your lightshow settings easily from your phone. It’s available over on Amazon.

Creative Labs speakers

Also worth checking out are the Aurvana In-ear 3 Plus earbuds from Creative.

Aurvana In-ear 3 Plus

They also sent us the Aurvana In-ear 3 Plus noise-isolating Headphones with In-line Remote and Microphone. First off, they’re gorgeous and while the sound quality and comfort are two of its nicest features, I always perk up when I see a design women would love. Take a look at the rich gold color and high quality chords.

Creative Labs speakers and earbuds While not my biggest need in an earbud, their EaseFit ear-hook design makes it easy to wear and give you that added comfort if you’re using them over a long period of time. The flexnium ear-hook construction incorporates Shape Memory Metal to offer a flexible design while the inert coating is catered for those who are sensitive to Nickel. I didn’t realize a sensitivity to Nickel was a thing, but sweet that they have incorporated a different metal for those who are.

This super comfy and stylish earbud set is powered by Neodymium magnet drivers with ultra-slim high performance diaphragms, making Creative Aurvana Air a fantastic acoustic experience.

Lastly, it has a thermoplastic elastomer coated cabling which we LOVE because it helps to resist the tangling mess you so often get with most earbuds. They also include an acrylic case for storing them in, an added benefit of keeping them organized in your purse,pocket,  briefcase or backpack.  Find them over on Amazon.

The Creative Outlier Sports

Another fun option is the Creative Outlier Sports option by Creative, which are high-performance lightweight wireless in-ear headphones that stay secure and comfortable in your ears even during a gym workout or in the case of travelers, when you’re on that adventure trail running.

They features sweat-proof properties as well which makes them a great choice when outside — think protection from natural elements and wet splashes. This alone makes them a godsend choice for adventure enthusiasts on the road or during doing a sporting activity.

Creative Labs speakers and earbuds

They also have 6 mm Neodymium drivers which equates to nothing short of a great audio sound.  I mentioned comfort earlier, however even though they feel great, the material is worth noting, since what they refer to as the AuraSeal silicone tips on both ear buds are designed to block out other noises so that you can be completely immersed in your music or audio experience.

Creative Speakers earbuds

The Creative Outlier Sports features an invisible microphone that comes with ClearSpeech Engine technology and an inline remote for easy access to calls and music playback control. There’s also a silicone over-molded cable minimizes microphonics to ensure sound is crisp and clear without interferences. The last thing worth noting is their 11 hours battery life – YAY!

They’re available over on Amazon in blue, orange and a fun neon green.  For more information on Creative and their fantastic products, visit their website for more which expands beyond earbuds and Creative speakers.

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